Dennis Breyt is a Boston-based photographer specializing in real estate and portraiture. After ten years in the real estate business, Dennis turned to photography full-time in 2012, combining his passion for architectural and interior aesthetics with a love for taking pictures. Since going full-time into photography, Dennis has photographed over 1500 units in the greater Boston area, from Malden, MA to Pawtucket, RI including the Mercantile Wharf Building in Boston and Maison Vernon in Boston.

Boston winters left Dennis with some down time, and so he has of 2014 expanded his photography business to include studio photography, primarily portraiture and head shots. Dennis enjoys the personal interaction and collaborative elements of portraiture photography. Dennis is an avid reader of photography blogs and magazines and an eager autodidact. He loves learning the intricacies of new lenses, perfecting the placement of lights to catch the colors in a subject's eyes, and experimenting with processing techniques and shooting styles. Dennis is committed to providing a first-rate service to his clients through up-to-date methods and a communicative shoot.